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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Well, actually I've been back since Saturday night, but just haven't had a chance to sit down to write.

I ordered all my textbooks before I left for Nebraska, but of course, none of them arrived before I left, so I've been scrambling to get all my reading done for my various classes.

I've determined that our Admin Law professor is IN-SANE. During our first class, he told us that if "we're fast readers, he expects it to take about 3 hours a night to read" for his class. Plus there's a "journal" assignment. And group projects. And other stuff. He's interesting to listen to in class and I'm sure I'll learn a lot from him, but he's just a little over the top. For example, we have to keep our own attendance (he takes attendance too), and then at the end of the quarter, we have to email him with how many times we've missed. He also password protects his syllabus - which I think is a little strange....shhh - don't tell anyone we're reading Schechter this week!

Professional Responsibility will be fine, if a little dry. I had this prof last quarter for Transmission of Wealth, and she really tries hard to make the subject interesting. She had us watch the Simpsons in class yesterday to identify various ethical violations when Bart got hit by a car driven by Mr. Burns.

Law & Economics will be really interesting. It's taught by my Contracts prof from last year who is a total rock star. I'm a little dubious about a law class that involves math, but so far it seems doable. It's also very policy oriented.

My other 3 hours this quarter are an Agency Externship working for the same people who were paying me to work for them up until January, when they ran out of money. At least I know exactly what I'll be doing and the people are all mostly nice. (As with any organization, this one has a couple of asshats.)

All I want to do is sleep, and I still have about 40 pages to read for admin tonight. This will definitely be the class that sucks up all my time this quarter. Why does every quarter have one of those?

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