Legal Quandary

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dear Lowermybills[dot]com People,

What is it with you and your annoying ads every time I want to indulge my voyeuristic instincts and go read about what some weirdo is doing in Yahoo Oddly Enough news?!

I think your Gingerbread man is stupid looking. And for your information, Christmas was almost 3 months ago....hellloooo! The thing with all the states is dumb too, and I have no idea what the point of the pig is.

But a cobra? Why? Are we being "bitten" by high interest rates? Don't you know that there are severely phobic people out there? For whom the mere sight of a snake - even computer animated - means nightmares? Especially when they are already stressed out thinking about papers they have to write and upcoming finals?

What the hell is wrong with you people? I'm never buying anything from you. Ever.


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