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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Productivity Report

I have determined that I would be so much more productive if I didn't actually have to attend class.

EC was sick today. At least she said she was sick today and I was too tired to argue about it. She she felt like she was going to throw up this morning. She's usually pretty honest about those things, so I let her stay home. Mainly because the last time I made her go to school when she said she felt bad, I ended up having to pick her up about an hour later. Logistically, it just made more sense to keep her home.

Because I don't like leaving her home by herself, I only went to Admin (because it wasn't worth using up an absence - especially when I know I'll be missing a day or two to househunt in DC this quarter). When I came home, we ate some lunch and I totally rocked through my Law & Economics reading, took a short nap (interrupted...grrr), did 4 hours of externship work, revised my resume, AND completed my Admin reading. Though truthfully, "completed" is being a bit generous, since the last 5 pages or so just got skimmed. Oh, and played a couple or twelve games of Text Twist. I lay blame for that squarely on my friend, Mrs. Gorilla.

I feel like I might have another bout of pink eye coming on. This would be a really bad time, since I have yet to get new glasses after snapping my old ones in half. And I'll be damned if I wear my BCGs to school.

I love Text Twist!
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