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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

On Another Note

I asked one of my classmates today if she'd had a good Spring Break. She replied "well, I found out I have a tumor in my head. I might have to drop my classes this quarter to have brain surgery. So, no, not really."

I didn't even know what to say.

Wow. That was a bummer. Not the typical answer you expect.
WHO???? Oh my GOD, how can you be keeping info like that from me?
Can I help it when you're not in the office right after class (or on our break during class)?

I looked for you yesterday, but forgot to tell you this morning - since both of us were angst-ridden over Admin.
OMG. Poor thing. Just when you think things are going badly you realize that there are people in much worse situations. I hope it works out for her!
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I have to say that, while I feel sorry for her (even though it turns out I don't know her), it does not diminish in the least my ability to feel sorry for myself.
Amazing how big things like that can be so casually dropped into conversation.

I hope she turns out okay.
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