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Monday, March 14, 2005

Turning My Homework in Late

As I'm sure everyone knows, since they all have these up on their blogs (sorry - too tired/lazy to link), the boys at BTQ have started Friday Spies. There's supposed to be a little copyright symbol there at the end, but I'm too lazy to get one of those too. Consider it copyrighted.

Obviously Sunday night is NOT Friday. My only excuse is that we've had houseguests this past week. Laptop appropriating houseguests. Which does not sit well with me, because I am extremely territorial about my laptop. Mr. Q, on the other hand, has absolutely no problem handing over the single repository of all my classnotes, outlines, writings-in-progress, and IM/email addresses. He says it's all about being a good host, but I don't know that I'm buying it.

Without further ado....

1. Tell me what's in your desk drawers right now.

Apparently, like everyone else, I don't have a desk. Ergo, no desk drawers. I tend to use the study and sprawl method. Currently, I have several Fed Cts outlines, my text, my Casenotes, my Nutshell, my supplement, and my laptop bag spread out across my bed. My Evidence book is under the laptop because otherwise it gets too hot. Classy, no?

2. How many states have you visited or lived in, and which of the others do you most want to visit?

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Of those, I've lived in Nebraska, Virginia, California, and Washington. Alabama and Mississippi if you count military schools. I only counted visits lasting more than 24 hours - I've driven through most of the CONUS.

I really want to visit Hawaii, and explore the East Coast while we're in D.C.

3. What was the last cd you purchased, and what was the last movie you rented/bought a ticket to?

CD? I honestly don't remember. Probably when I bought Erasure's "Other People's Songs" and Blind Boys of Alabama "Higher Ground" for Mr. Q. a couple years ago. I normally like Erasure, but that cd just sucked. "Higher Ground" was pretty awesome though. We saw BBOA when they opened for Peter Gabriel - who is just incredible, especially when you consider that he looks like he's about 80. Mr. Q. buys cds a lot more frequently than I do. Also, lately one of our friends has been putting together these amazing mix cds - I have 4 of them in my car right now.

The last movie we rented was "Napoleon Dynamite." The last one we saw in the theater was an IMAX, "Forces of Nature." The last "real" movie we saw in a theater was "The Incredibles."

4. Have you ever sung karaoke? If not, what song would you be willing to sing in front of people?

I have sung karaoke, but not well. If I get to choose the song, it's generally "What I Like About You" by the Romantics. Hey!

When I was attending one of my Air Force schools in Mississippi, a bunch of us used to drive to New Orleans. One of the bars had a 3 for 1 happy hour with karaoke. My classmate Pakka (not his real name) was an incredible performer. He would sing and a bunch of the girls would be his back-up singers. (Photos available for a small fee.)

5. What was the best concert you've ever attended, either because of the performance or because it was otherwise memorable?

Several years ago, Mr. Q. and I took one of his sisters to see Bonnie Raitt, Shawn Colvin, Bruce Hornsby, and Jackson Brown at the Concord Pavilion. I wouldn't have put any two of those performers together normally, but it was just the coolest concert. To have Bruce Hornsby playing piano for Bonnie Raitt was just awesome.

I've also seen the Indigo Girls in concert three times (4 if you count Lilithfair). I had a chance to go one other time with Mr. Q. before we started dating, but I hadn't listened to their music and only knew the stereotypes. When he asked me if I wanted to go to the concert, I tried to be funny and fliply responded "but I haven't a thing flannel to wear." He interpreted that as a "no" and took someone else. He bought me a cd for my birthday, so that next time I would know what the hell I was talking about.

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