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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Friday Spies

So Friday is almost over and I’m just now getting to these. I work on Fridays and unfortunately my desk is located right down the hall from the big boss. People are constantly walking down the hall and my opportunity to obviously slack is almost non-existent. I have to content myself with just doing homework, since research of any kind at least looks official.

As always, Friday Spies is the brainchild of BTQ – and welcome to the new staffer, Nataliya, there!

1. James Bond or Austin Powers?

I’m gonna have to say Austin Powers on this one. While E.Spat is correct in saying that Bond is easier on the eyes, I’ve just never really gotten into the Bond movies. Shame on me, but there it is.

I have to admit I wasn’t a huge Austin Powers fan at first either, but he sort of grew on me. Our section instructor at Squadron Officer School was a HUGE Austin Powers fan. He would show us clips in class to illustrate different leadership styles. When it came time for us to do our papers, he did a whole paper on “Why We Should Kill Austin Powers With a Gun” by Scott Evil. With references and everything. Grooooovy, Baby!

2. What is the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone?

I had to ask Mr. Q what the most romantic thing I’ve ever done for him was. He told me, and then immediately forbad forbade said I couldn’t post it.

Roundboy would cheerfully tell you that I am not at all romantic. There’s probably 2 or 3 others who would say the same thing. I don’t think that’s necessarily true – I think I just don’t take the time when I don’t care.

So, probably the “most” romantic thing that I do is I write love letters. And cards. And notes. When Mr. Q travels, he can almost always expect to find at least one note or card in his luggage, a coat pocket, or book. He leaves them for me too. We have post-it notes on the insides of all our kitchen cupboards from past trips. While I don’t know if this would win us any sort of prize for “most romantic couple,” it is a nice daily affirmation of our relationship.

Which is what I think romance is really all about – building a life together.

3. Rachel claims">this
is her favorite movie. Her actual favorite movie is?

I have no idea what this question is even asking. Pass.

4. What is the perfect rock-and-roll song?

Wow. That’s so hard to answer, because the answer totally depends on my mood. ACDC “You Shook Me All Night Long” springs to mind though. It’s about sex, I know all the words, and it gives all the hardcore rockers (not me) out there the opportunity to play air guitar. It’s also followed by “Have A Drink On Me,” and “Back in Black” is an overall kickass album.

The Black Crowes “Twice as Hard” off “Shake Your Moneymaker” is the song I used to play every time I broke up with somebody. (And I always did the breaking up).

Depeche Mode “Just Can’t Get Enough” is always fun, as is the B-52’s “Love Shack.”

At this point, I feel like this is a law school exam – I’m not exactly sure what the question is asking, so I’m going to keep throwing out suggestions in the hopes it’ll get me some points.

5. So what really happened to Milbarge?

Milbarge finally found a job where he could call all the shots and make up rules to suit him. They dress you up in fancy robes. You get to travel. People kiss your jewelry. Everyone seems to respect you and ask for your advice. But no one’s really surprised when they never take it.

And the last guy died.

I say he converted (if necessary), since any Catholic male can take over. And now he’s in Rome trying to influence as many guys in red skullcaps as he can before the 18th.

I predict that Pope Hank I will be greeting us from a balcony around the 22nd of April.

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