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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

There Oughtta Be a Law

That people who don't take their spouses with them to baseball games may not consume garlic fries at said game.

Good God - the stench in my bedroom this morning!

On another note - our school is "law geek" central this morning. People are actually lined up to see the 9th Circuit.

There are about 5 protesters standing outside the school for 2 of the cases (one on stop-loss and the other on abortion paid for by the military health care system).

I feel like I should have stayed overnight and brought a mask of my favorite 9th Circuit Judge.

Update: They already issued a decision in the stop-loss case. Honestly, no surprise.

I agree on the garlic thing. A did the same thing with garlic and onion flavored macadamia nuts. Ewww.

However, I thought that the military didn't pay for abortions. Federal funds can't be used for them unless medically necessary. Clinton overturned that and Bush brought it back. At least, that was my understanding. Unless, of course, the protesters were there to FOR abortion. Yeah, maybe I just read that wrong.
Yeah - I phrased that really poorly. In my defense, I just ran upstairs to throw my bag down and decided to put up a quick post.

Bottom line is that no, Tricare/CHAMPUS doesn't pay for abortions that are not medically necessary to save the mother's life because of the whole federal funding thing. The issue here was that the child had anencephalitis (sp?), and the mother elected to have an abortion because the child was certain to die and would have no consciousness, etc. Tricare had originally paid for the abortion, but once they figured out that it was not to save the mother's life, they asked for the money back.

Most of the protesters were there for the stop-loss issue. Even so, there were only maybe a dozen of them there.
Once, my ex and I went to a football game (the Oakland Raiders, a playoff game. Another reason I am glad we're not together, no more Raiders), and *we* ate garlic fries. soon after we finished, i saw him very obviously looking down the pants of the very attractive young woman in front of us. she had on tight (but tasteful) low-slung pants, with some dental floss underwear, and he was just oogling at her butt. I called him on it good naturedly, and he confided that what was *actually* going on was that a piece of his garlic FELL down her pants, straight down into the tunnel of her butt. it was really funny.

My school did not have judges today - we had an explosion! A dorm building blew up. they said it was due to work being done on natural gas lines. 7 people were injured, but no one has died. i was sitting in contracts at the time, and *thought* i heard a deep BOOM, but no one else reacted, so I let it go. I heard later that it was actually a dorm blowing up. Nice.
Zuska - THAT is an awesome story! I laughed out loud at the "tunnel of her butt" part. Because I am twelve (or so).
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