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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

And The Smell Still Lingers more rant about the garlic fries - because I can.

I sat next to a classmate today and asked him how the game was last night. He said fine (but the M's lost), and btw, how did I know he'd been at the game. I told him I could smell the garlic fries.

When I came home this afternoon, the whole house had this unpleasant lingering aroma.
When I picked up EC from school, she still had this unpleasant lingering aroma.

Seriously, folks, it's just not right to eat garlic fries (or caesar salad) when the people you live with don't have the opportunity to eat in self defense. I am as big a fan of the garlic fry as the next person (with the stipulation that they be done right - hot, crispy, and not too salty), but really. Y'all stink.

In other news, I am out of my favorite tea. This doesn't make my mornings very happy. I. Love. MY. Tea. Even the baby* can pick out "MY" tea. She'll point to it and say "Mommy."

On the other hand, she also associates me with other things I'm less thrilled about. For example, the other day, she and Mr. Q were at Costco to buy some baby wipes. For some reason, this particular Costco puts their baby wipes in a different area than any other Costco, and Mr. Q had to hunt around for them a bit. The ended up in the "sanitary products" aisle. She pointed at a box of Depends and said her name. Mr. Q explained that those weren't her diapers, but were for big people. She then pointed at a box of tampons and said "Mommy."

What this means is that if I died today, my child would remember me as drinking Constant Comment tea and using Tampax. Fabulous.

* Although if you ask her if she's a baby, she'll tell you "I not a baby, I Hap-pee!" Even when she's crying.

Not exactly what you'd like to see on your tombstone.
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