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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Well, There Goes That New Year's Resolution

I just went downstairs and bought myself a Cherry Coke.

I am normally a Pepsi girl, but our school has chosen to stock their vending machines with the vastly inferior Coca Cola products. Although a minor irritation to me, this is actually good for 2 reasons. First, E.Spat loves the Diet Coke, and so she's generally way more interested in the presence of Coca Cola products than I am. Therefore, from the perspective of our limited little universe, it is more efficient and wealth maximizing for the school to sell Coke products. Second, it usually deters me from purchasing soda, which is better for me, thus increasing my overall utility.

See how Law and Economics has started to permeate my brain? Or maybe it's just the corn syrup talking. Either way, I'm enjoying my bubbly sweet beverage - so there.

I heart Diet Coke SOOOO MUCH.
Girl, you need to get out more! ;)
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