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Monday, April 04, 2005

What's Grosser Than Gross?

Back here, I wrote about some of Lil Q's disgusting noseblowing activities. For some reason she doesn't grasp the idea of asking for a kleenex before blowing. Last night, she did this at the dinner table right after having a huge coughing fit.

Being a good mommy, I got up and got some kleenex, wiped her nose, washed my hands and went on with dinner. A minute or two later, I noticed that she had a particularly tenacious nose goblin still hanging on, so I got up for another kleenex. This time I did the gently squeeze the nostril and pull technique - and pulled out a 5 inch piece of fettucine!

We were having fettucine alfredo for dinner, but I truly have no idea how it got up there. I can only assume it happened during the coughing fit, but still.



You're such a good mama. My mom probably would have just laughed if we had fettucini up our noses.
That's just it! I didn't know she had fettucine up her nose until I went to grab what I thought was a booger and it just kept coming out. It was hilarious and disgusting at the same time.

On the plus side, Lil Q seemed much relieved to have the huge strand of pasta removed from her sinuses.
OMG. That is so funny. Ya gotta love kids.
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