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Thursday, June 30, 2005

From Oh Hell!... Oh, Fuck It! in no time flat.

How is it that every set of movers I've ever had has managed to make my entire house smell like damp cardboard and cigarette smoke within minutes of walking into my home? Add in the "get high off the fumes" markers and it's a great environment.

Moving clearly does not bring out the best in me.

As far as movers go, these guys are actually pretty good, even if they are pickier than most. Today, the one female mover actually rifled through the few boxes I'd pre-packed (all 4 of them) and pulled out all the nail polish and my Juniper Breeze scented shaving cream. They'll cheerfully pack jars of dill pickles, bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but frown on that itty bitty bottle of nail polish. Who knew? On a totally unrelated note - can anyone tell me exactly what kind of threat an allen wrench poses to airport security? Are they somehow afraid I'll dismantle the toilets? E.Spat borrowed one of my allen wrenches and returned while we were studying for finals - it had lived (quite comfortably, I might add) in my purse until I went through security at Midway last week. Note that I made it to Midway with no problems....

At any rate, here we are with 245 boxes of stuff waiting to be loaded on the truck Friday morning. I would say I always wonder how we get to this point, except for this...
Image hosted by
How did I come to be the proud owner of this fine speciment of rodentia? E.Spat and I found two of them at school one Saturday and took them. (I think she sent hers to M.) This is prime example of why I have way too much shit.

Mr. Q is wanting to make hotel reservations for the Quandary cross-country "see everything, remember nothing" tour. Coming to a state near you - soon.

Ah, I see Mr. Q is quite acquainted with the "Express Tourism" concept.
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