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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy Birthday,

Dear EC, Happy Birthday to You.

I can't believe I am the mother of an 11 year old.


Happy B-day to EC too.

Don't kids grow up so fast?
Heh. EC will be 16 and driving before you know it. Enjoy the next 4 years or so - they're the best.
Happy birthday to your first!!

My daughter will be 9 soon, and that freaks me out, too. When i was 9, i had a bit of an attitude, and I remember my mom saying, "1/2 your childhood is over, we don't have that much time left where you live in this house - I don't want to spend it fighting!" I have held my tongue from saying similar until September 25 ... the day she really is 9.
Zuska, that is an AWESOME line. I will probably be using it soon (making fractionaly adjustments for age, of course.)

EC is generally a good kid and tries very hard to please. But like any girl, she has her snotty moments.
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