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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dear Internal Revenue Service,

You suck.

An automated phone tree that asks me a dozen questions before dumping me on one person who has no clue what I’m talking about and who transfers me to another person who knows what I’m talking about but doesn’t know the answer and who transfers me to someone who gives me a patently wrong answer does me NO. EFFING. GOOD.

I’ve talked to several of your representatives in the past couple of days. In person and over the phone. Much of the information I’ve been given has been flat out wrong, and results – I think – from your employees not being motivated enough to actually look up the CORRECT answer. Furthermore, it is less than helpful to be told that I should “just have my father sign” the document appointing me POA for the estate. He is DEAD. That is why I am the POA for the ESTATE.

When I point out that I’ve been given wrong information and read your employees verbatim why what they’ve just told me is wrong, your employees have a rather irritating tendency to transfer me YET AGAIN! This time to someone who was snotty and told me to just follow the instructions. (FYI – calling them the “Tax Law” department in no way puts me in awe of them – just so you know.)

Here’s the deal. I’m a smart girl. I will be a lawyer in less than a year (not that this statement in any way proves the preceding one). BUT I took and passed Administrative Law. I know how to find and read regs, and yet, found yours to be NONSENSE. Sadly, I haven’t taken Tax Law yet, but you can be damned sure it’s moved up on my list of priorities now. If for no other purpose than to be able to put your minions in their place during future altercations dealings. If your own employees cannot decipher your freaking instructions, I would suggest the problem lies with YOU, not me.

In summary, you suck.

Love and Kisses,


You tell 'em girlfriend! WOOHOO!!
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