Legal Quandary

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ring! Ring!

LQ: Hello?

Caller: Mrs. Quandary?

LQ: Yes.

Caller: This is Tiffany at TVPNU Child Care Center - we have good news! There's an opening for Lil Q! Now if you wanted to schedule a time, we have tours available on Tuesday and Thursday at 10am and 1pm....

LQ: That's great - there's only one problem. We were put on the waiting list 3 years ago and have now moved to the Washington DC area.

Caller: Oh. That would be a long commute. So, do you want us to remove you from the waiting list?

Here's the lesson for law students with children: Be sure to sign up for day care 1 year before you get pregnant if you want to use on-campus childcare.

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