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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Terrible Twos Threes

Even though Lil Q has a little more than 2 weeks to go until her third birthday, she's already acting like a 3 year old. I seem to remember with EC, that 3 was MUCH more dramatic than 2.

This morning, Lil Q was frustrated with something EC did and shouted "Damnit, EC!" I suspect I'm to blame for teaching her that. It also probably doesn't help that I laughed. I'm pretty sure EC didn't understand what Lil Q said - at least I hope not.

Just for the record, I think that all the books and "experts" who encourage you to space your kids 2 years apart are taking part in a vast conspiracy. Because you don't find out until after you've got the second child that the older one becomes a little beastie right around 3.

Of course, I waited 8 years between kids. I guess that just makes me a slow learner.

I remember that when my Thing One turned 3, it was like she became possessed. She was delightful at 2. I thought that the Terrible Twos were a lie.

Same thing happened with Thing Two. Two was fine (ish), and Three ... HELL!!!
I love it! Your kids are awesome if they curse with impugnity at age two. You, of course, are the Queen of Awesomeness for laughing at them.

I would have been grounded and had my mouth washed out with soap.
Heh-heh. The best part is that she swears correctly. There's nothing worse than a little potty mouth who spews filth just for the shock value.

If they can pull it off with the right inflection and proper context, I'm more inclined to chuckle. Quietly and to myself. While chastising them for the sake of appearances.

I would never use soap. I have these visions of "It was...Life Buoy..." holding me back. Grounding is another matter - but more or less pointless at the age of 2.
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