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Saturday, August 20, 2005

There Ain't No Cure For the Summertime Blues


I find myself with a serious case of the doldrums, and I'm not exactly sure why.

Is it because it Professor Snape turns out to be the traitor we always knew he was?* Maybe.

More likely it's that school starts on Monday and I'm not the least bit excited. I haven't even bothered to look up my first day reading assignments yet. Part of the lack of enthusiasm might have to do with this being the shortest summer on record, since I left a quarter school and am visiting a semester school, and have put over 3000 miles between the two. Or it could be that we're still not completely unpacked. Or perhaps I'm still up to my ears in trying to straighten out my dad's estate. Which seems to grow more complicated every day. Or that I drove E. Spat to the airport today, so I no longer even have the option of hanging out with her.

Or maybe it's just that being a visiting student is somewhat akin to being a red-headed step-child. For anyone who is considering this route, be aware that you have LAST priority for classes (next in line after the Girl Scouts), and that even if there are spaces available, there may be some classes which "school policy" dictates that you cannot take. For example, Trial Advocacy.

Or does every 3L go through this?

On the plus side, I did bake my first cake/cupcakes since I've been here. We're celebrating EC's birthday tomorrow, so I made one of my famous chocolate cakes, and froze 2 dozen cupcakes for our future eating pleasure.

* Yeah, I'm behind the times. EC got the book for her birthday, and I didn't feel like spending the $15 just to read it a month ago.

*I remain THOROUGHLY convinced that he was not, in fact, a traitor, but was rather reluctantly following Dumbledore's instructions. Harry NEEDS the spotlight in order to prevail. He couldn't have it unless ... I just think it was in line with a plan. Which we will discover in Book Seven.
I can see where it could be read that way. And I hope you're right, Zuska.
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