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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Just Out of Curiosity

Does anyone have any experience taking a class from a professor who authored or co-authored the text? Better? Worse? More or less nitpicky? Doesn't matter?

Our Con-Law professor was purportedly writing a text and inflicted it on shared it with us, but that doesn't so much count.

We also had a prof at TVPNU who was, for many years, *the* expert on Property law. So much so that the Property book I used (not in his class, thankfully) would refer to him on about every other page. But he had a reputation for being the worst 1L professor out there. And for giving bad grades to boot. The administration finally "strongly encouraged him to retire," and I heard that he cried openly on the last day of class.

They kept an office for him (after all - he was a legal legend.) Last I heard, he was still showing up to school every day last year.

I had one class my 1L year, and I have two classes this year (one is the same professor). Both professors are excellent, and their books pretty much follow their lectures. They may be the exception to the rule, however.
I've had two professors who used their own books (and another this semester) and both were great. Key, I think, was that each had written basically the only comprehensive book on the topic in the field. One was on Forensic Evidence and another on my state's criminal law. Neither of the profs were egomaniacs about it, and both said something the first day and then nothing after it. So...I hope that's how it works for you. Good luck.
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