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Thursday, October 13, 2005

On the Road Again...

We just found out that we're probably moving again next summer - and I'm totally psyched!

This makes it REALLY hard to concentrate on the gajillion pages of Commercial Transactions reading I have to do before 9am tomorrow. After all - I have important matters to consider now. Like, which bar do I take? Do I even bother unpacking the boxes we haven't gotten to yet? And how will this impact my plans to go to Europe this summer?

Having Erasure playing in the background probably isn't helping matters either.

Ummm...good luck with the move???

Any way to convince your husband's bosses to keep you two in one place for 2 years or so just so you can get some jurisdictional stability?
are you really psyched? or was that sarcasm? Where are you off to this time? What does that do for the job/interview of a couple of weeks ago?
Actually, I really AM psyched. This is where we wanted to go before we found out we were going to DC. Also, it's a super-fabulous career opportunity for Mr. Q.

Don't laugh...we're moving to Ohio. While it isn't everyone's dream location - it does have its advantages for us. Not the least of which is that it is close to Fort Wayne - where I still have a house full of stuff to deal with.

As for the's with the same organization as Mr. Q., so if I get it, it should still work out ok.
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