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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Pink Eye

If anyone what point do I need to be concerned about conjuctivitis? I've had it since the 29th of December and wake up every morning with my eyes crusted over. (Gross, I know) I called the Dr's office and they recommended warm compresses because "it's probably viral and there's nothing we can do." But when I look at the 612 websites which are apparently completely dedicated to the study of conjunctivitis, the symptoms look more bacterial to me. But what the hell do I know? If I'd been smart, I would have gone to Med School instead of Law School.

I also hate triage nurses. I know they are the gatekeepers of hell the doctor's office and are there to prevent people like my former mother-in-law from taking up the doctor's time. But, for those of us who would just as soon die silently of something totally curable before making an actual doctor's appointment, this function is totally unnecessary.

{sigh} Thoughts? Anyone?

Update: Thank you to everyone who responded! I still haven't broken down and bought the damned OTC stuff, but the Elder Child has a Dr's appt on Friday, so I figured I'd just make the doc look at my eyes then and give me the prescription stuff. I did start wiping my eyes with cottonballs soaked in warm water, and it almost seemed a little better this morning. And then not so much. At any rate, maybe I can convince the doc to give me some flexeril for my back too - because I concur with LawMom - you can never have too many prescription drugs at home "just in case."

If it doesn't cost much, I'd schedule an appointment with the doctor. If it IS pinkeye then the last thing you need is to give it to the Quandary Kids. Better safe than sorry. Of course, I'm a hypochondriac, so take my advice for what it's worth.
I don't when you should be concerned about it, but I do think pink eye since December 29 is a long time! If it was viral, it seems like it should have cleared up by now.

Having three school age kids means I've dealt with more than my fair share of pink eye. I was recently complaining about being almost out of old eye drop prescriptions (which I keep and use when new cases pop up. My doctor would probably have a heart attack if he knew that.) when my neighbor told me that there is some kind of OTC conjunctivis treatment that you can buy now. I haven't had the need to look for it (yet) but you might want to ask your pharmicist about it.

I feel for you though. Pink eye is NOT FUN.
I don't know if this ointment is available here in the states, but it works very well for conjuctivitis. It is called Terramicina . I know it is available in Latin america, but not sure if it is here, worth a look in google i guess... Type Terramicina+unguento...and have a spanish/english translator handy lol.
Try this i thik this is the one i was talking about
ah's even on sale...try this
oh never mind it's for pets hahaha
Ironically, I saw Similason (the OTC pink-eye stuff) at the store the other day and thought about buying it. And then I saw it cost about $6, so I put it back and figured it would definitely clear up on its own.

Let this be a lesson to you all. Sometimes impulse shopping is a good thing.
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