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Thursday, December 15, 2005

"It was a real interesting experience. I'd never been to the ballet. I didn't know they didn't talk."

Mr. Q came across this article last night.

Basically, it talks about how one of the fraternities at the University of Washington who, "until 18 months ago, threw boozy parties every Tuesday and Thursday and had a thick file of indiscretions on record with university officials. Now each of the brothers is part of a program they call 'Balanced Man.'"

I support their turn-around. A couple of years ago, there was a "melee" on UW's Greek Row which resulted in at least one car being overturned and a mattress being set on fire in the street. Surprisingly, there was alcohol involved.

I used to spend a fair amount of time with the SigEp boys in my undergrad days (not at UW) - long before Mr. Q. Before Roundboy, even. One of my good friends was a SigEp and made sure I was invited to all the parties. I did many an "upside-down margarita" shot in the old SigEp house on Harney Street and was even present at another function that got busted by the Vice Squad for suspected underage drinking. (At a frat party...gee, d'ya think?) I didn't get hassled because 1) I had not been drinking (seriously - they only had beer, and I was not and am not a fan), and 2) I was friends with one of the Vice Cops, who ironically, liked to hang out at the bar where I worked.

So I know how these things can get out of hand, and I applaud SigEp's efforts to change their image. I'm not surprised that "the [UW SigEp's] relationship with sororities has also improved." It's amazing what happens when you take the possibility of date rape out of the picture.

I even think it's cool that they're bringing in etiquette coaches, trying to teach their members to cook, and taking them to the ballet. I weep for humanity just a little bit though, when a 20 year old college student admits that he didn't realize there were no words in ballet.

And seriously boys, "Balanced Man" is the best you could do for the name of your program?

You are not a fan of beer? How about jello shots?

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