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Monday, April 24, 2006

Post Bar Plans

Asian Provacateur asks: "are you going on a fun vacay post bar?"

Good Question! I'd like to welcome Asian Provocateur to LQ and just say that I LOVE your name!

Anyhoo...yes, I'm doing a lot of traveling after the bar. I'm even traveling before the bar - once for graduation and once to take the bar itself. Because we moved prior to 3L, I've visited in DC all this year, but I decided to take the bar in the state we moved from.

While I'm taking the bar, Mr. Q will be packing up the house for our move to our 4th state in 5 years of marriage. I'll come home just in time to help clean the house, drive to State4. And 2 days later, the kids and I will be on a plane to Germany to see my mom! It'll be part for fun, and part to help wrap up estates. I'm hoping it'll be mostly fun though. We'll return to State4 at the end of August so EC can start school, and then we're headed to Tahoe for a wedding the first week of September.

Bottom line = TONS of frequent flyer miles for me this summer!

Who else has good post bar (or just fun summer) plans?

How about post part 4 NBCE boards? (For those who don't know - chiropractors have to take 4 national board examinations. Part 4 is the practical 2 day examination.)
Costa Rica - move to 2nd state in a 2 year marriage;-) - then visit with LQ in Tahoe. Loooking forward to good times in Sept.!
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