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Friday, August 11, 2006

Travel Update

We went to Heidelberg a couple of days ago. I'd sort of forgotten that traveling with young kids wasn't a heck of a lot of fun.

We drove to the Heidelberg palace. EC and Lil Q were fighting a good chunk of the way there. Lil Q fell asleep as we pulled into the parking I stayed in the car while EC and my mom explored.

Later, we went in search of the Manessa Codex at the University of Heidelberg Library. Unfortunately, none of the really cool stuff was on display that day, so we moved on pretty quickly.

I saw my first European Starbucks (Although I don't really like the idea of Starbucks all over Europe, I collect the City Mugs, so I did go in and buy one. Maybe it'll be worth something someday when Starbucks realizes it can't take over Europe and has to close the store down.... Of course, since we were already there, I also went ahead and got a mocha.)

I also had my first burka sighting ever.

We spent yesterday at home, but my aunt and her mother came over. There was lots of new dirt on my crazy cousin. She's undergoing "treatment" right now - but since I'm running out of time for today, let's just say she's crazier than ever.

I read the link back to crazy and wow. I mean wow.

I have one of 'those' in my fam too and I can see how the sympathy well runs dry faster for all but those closest to her.
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