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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Break Down

I broke down today and purchased a Sam's Club membership.

For the last 8 years or so, we've lived in Costco country. And I do love me some Costco, but now the closest one is almost an hour away. Just not worth it for the sake of cheap cat food.*

It's not that we actually buy that much at either place - just that they tend to carry certain items we *do* really like in bulk. Also, because it's much easier to think about buying toilet paper every 3 months than every 3 weeks.

What really sold me on the Sam's Club membership was that one of my co-workers told me attorneys qualify for the Business membership. That's $5 off the regular membership per year PLUS extended shopping hours, so if I plan ahead, I can dodge the crowds.

Mr. Q laughed because 1) my business name is Legal Quandary, Esq., and 2) he shows up as my employee. I see nothing funny about either of those.

* On the other hand, Costco carries both farmed and wild salmon - including Copper River salmon when it's in season. You can more or less bet that when that time comes (late May), we'll be buying a couple of hundreds of dollars worth and hauling it back in coolers. Because, yes, it really is that much better.

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