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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Last Friday was another one of those insanely busy days in the office. I wasn't scheduled for Legal Assistance, but still wound up seeing 4 or 5 clients - as did all the other attorneys in the office. Considering that LA is only for 2.5 hours on Fridays, that made for a pretty hopping morning! Including one super intriguing case which, obviously, I can't tell you about. Damn those client confidentiality rules!

Anyway, during one of the appointments, a retired couple had me review several documents to determine whether they were still valid. Although they were, I ended up drafting new wills for them because they wanted to make a couple of minor changes. Nothing complicated, but I felt like I was doing a good job for them. After I walked them out to set up an execution appointment, I was called away to answer a quick question for one of the paralegals. As I came back around the corner, the lady was remarking to the man, "She was really good!" And he agreed with her.

A small victory, I know...but it was still really nice to hear.

It is always good to get some positive feedback, whether it's from a boss or a satisfied customer. Congrats!
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