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Thursday, January 04, 2007

You Mean I'm Supposed To Go Home When It Gets Dark???

Mr. Q was dubious about my re-entry into the professional world. Why?

Come's a secret...

I'm a workaholic.

Even though I'm the least experienced, least knowledgeable, and definitely least busy attorney in the office, I find myself staying later than a lot of my colleagues. Some of this is because Mr. Q's schedule right now allows me to put in a little more time. But mostly it's because I'm always writing "one last email" or seem to forget that if I walk away and lock the door, chances are excellent that the legal fairies won't just come and do the work for me. Also - because I don't want to look like a slacker.

On another note - I'm starting to see a pattern as to which law school classes were actually useful. Family law, Property (I wish we'd done more landlord/tenant stuff in school and not just bar review!) , and Wills and Trusts top the list. I'm sure I'll add to that list as I progress through some of the different areas.

I am a little surprised by how much I remember from my classes. Or maybe I'm just surprised that some of the weird stuff I remember is actually useful.

I think it is great that you work so hard. Just curious, is it partially because you like the work you have?
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