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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A LQ Year in Review

Another Birthday...another year gone by. Considering that this time last year I was in Germany helping my mom arrange my Oma's funeral, I'd have to say this birthday is MUCH better.

Of course, birthdays just sort of naturally call for a little reflection on the events of the last year.

During the course of the past year I:

- Lost both my grandmothers. My Oma technically died the day before my last birthday, but I'm counting it anyway. Both ladies were over 90, so I'm hoping they passed the longevity gene on to me and I'll have many more birthdays to conduct this little exercise.
- Lost a much-loved pet.
- Graduated from Law School.
- Took (and passed!) the Bar Exam.
- Moved to a new state. Again.
- Took 2 trips to Germany, 3 to Seattle, at least 5 to Fort Wayne, and 1 to Lake Tahoe. I am far too lazy to post links to each of those.
- Started a new job. Which I love. I'm working my tail off these days, but learn lots of new things every day. Early feedback also indicates I might even be good at my job.

"Experts" say events like births or deaths in the family, divorce, moves, travel, and the beginning or end of a career are all major life stressors. In retrospect, I think those may have been intended as examples and not a checklist.

Anyway - Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday, LQ, and to many more! :) Doing anything special for the occasion?
happy birthday! enjoy the mixer;-)

love- g,j,mg
Happy Birthday!
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