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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fulfilling My Potential Could Seriously Cut Into My Sitting Around Time*

Now that I've regained some of my sitting around time by graduating from law school, I find myself in need of some TV recommendations. Whether or not graduating constitutes "fulfilling my potential" remains to be seen.

Last year, Mr. Q and I started checking out whole seasons of shows we've missed the past couple of years. We've really enjoyed Alias (seasons 1 & 2), Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, and Boston Legal so far. But when we watched the pilot of Six Feet Under last night...I have to admit to being underwhelmed. So far the funniest parts have been the fake commercials for hearses and sundry mortuary supplies. (Which everyone knows are near and dear to my heart.)

Can anyone tell me if this show ever gets better? If not, Mr. Q and I will give it to the end of the second DVD before we decide it's not worth our time.

Recommendations for other shows also appreciated. Please keep in mind that we are cheap frugal and only want the ones we can get from the libary for FREE.

* Apologies to Maria Bamford.

Well, it's not one you can rent yet, but if you have cable, and a means to record, there's a Studio 60 marathon on Bravo from 10am to 5pm (ET) Monday.
I watched 6 feet under from start to finish..loved it but it's kind of an acquired Bleu Cheese. Right now we are watching every season of The Amazing Race...great stuff. Thinking of stuff that may be in the library we recommend any of the Stargate SG1 or Stargate Atlantis shows, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica. (wow lots of Sci-Fi channel here!)
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