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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dear Mitch,

Remember me? We spoke last March?

I'm sorry to say that you obviously weren't paying attention. Because, guess what? The Indiana BMV process is still screwed up.

Yeah, yeah. I know you've got these spiffy Self Service Terminals in place, so you'll never have to provide actual customer service again. What would be even cooler though, is if any of these actually worked. Despite the inflated claims of your website, which somehow managed to give the impression that these terminals would be up and running after the first of the year, this was sadly not the case. I checked. At two different locations. In the rain.

Seeing as how I live and work outside the fine state of Indiana, driving several hours to come see you personally during the work week just isn't a viable option.

That's probably a good thing for you.

I know it isn't any consolation, but the BMV has ALWAYS been screwed up. On the plus side with the new updates they fixed the old problems and created new ways to screw up.

I think the agency is cursed or a gateway to hell.
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