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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Dear Mrs. Dry Cleaning and Alterations Lady,

Hi. Do you remember me? I brought in 2 shirts and a suit for alteration and dry cleaning last week and you charged me $108. Oh, ok, you do. Great.

Well, here's the deal. The alterations are fabulous and I have no complaints about that part, but when I ask you to launder & starch my shirts, that means I'm hoping to get them back WITHOUT wrinkles. I mean, the whole point of paying you do my shirts, is not that I CAN'T iron my own shirts, but that 1) I prefer not to, and 2) I assume you've got better stuff and can therefore do a better job. But the basic expectation is that I should NEVER have to touch up your work. And that goes double for you ironing in NEW creases that weren't there in the first place.

C'mon. I'm the type of person who has you not only tailor my Eddie Bauer shirts, but also starch them. The whole point of this exercise is for me not to look sloppy. Could you help me out a little here? I mean I did fork over a hundred bucks and all.

Thanks for hearing me out on this.



Whoa, $100? Damn, girl. I get my t-shirts altered (I know, extreme) but I'd stop if it cost me $100. That or I'm going to the most low-end tailor ever. Yeah, it's probably me, not you.
Well, I'm going with the theory that it was the suit alteration that ran up the bill. Also, there was an outfit I had cleaned that had candle wax on it that I forgot about when I wrote the post. (No dirty comments about the candle wax - it wasn't even my outfit). But still - I agree $100 was pretty spendy.
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