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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Federal Courts = Destined to Become the New Bane of My Existence

Today was the first day of Federal Courts. Class itself wasn't so bad. The professor seems excited about the subject and knowledgeable and all that stuff you like to see in a professor.

The textbook is just awful. Our first reading assignment consisted of excerpts from the Federalist papers on Article III - hard for them to mess up. Tonight's reading assignment, on the other hand... 2 reasonably short and seemingly straightforward cases followed by a 30 page law review article that just blows. Long, wordy, and generally poorly written. I made it about 6 pages in and made the decision to switch to my Transmission of Wealth reading. I'm just going to have to go with the theory that if it's really important either a) the professor will be kind enough to point it out or b) someone else will remember.

Ah well. Only 37 more Fed Cts classes to attend. Tell me, is it a bad sign when you start counting after Day 1?

Mr. Q leaves in the morning for the windswept plains of the upper midwest, where they are predicting bad weather for the rest of the week. Wish him safe travels and wish me sanity in dealing with the young uns.

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