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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tsunami Relief

Last week, I wrote about the fantabulous scone cafe we like to visit. Now there's one more reason they're fantabulous. When I stopped in for a mocha this afternoon, I noticed they were doing a Tsunami Relief spaghetti dinner. For a suggested donation of $10 per dinner, you got spaghetti with sauce (carnivore or vegetarian - your choice), caesar salad, and garlic bread, with all proceeds going to Mercy Corps' Tsunami Relief Fund.

Inside Posted by Hello

The whole staff turned out to help - and from the line out the door, so did most of the neighborhood. It's a small place - and it was packed! A young violinist was playing outside for donations (it was cold and she was inside warming up when I came back to take the pictures). If you look at the windows, you'll notice slips of paper hanging just above the candles. Each piece of paper listed a country and the number of estimated dead from that country.

Door Posted by Hello

They even had a bouncer host to greet people as they arrived and entertain them as they waited. Notice his snazzy, hand-tailored outfit.

Bouncer Posted by Hello

Bouncer2 Posted by Hello

When I look at this now, I see the photos just don't do the jacket justice. "Mr. Mark" had either sewn or hot-glued sequin trim onto this thrift-store beauty.

At any rate - if anyone in your neighborhood is doing something like this, I encourage you to contribute. It was pretty cool to see almost all of my neighbors turn up in one place on a Wednesday night, checkbooks in hand.

If YOU happen to own a groovy little coffee shop/bistro/bakery, I encourage you to stage something like this.

Check out the fluffy scarf in photo 1. Looks like an E Spat knock-off!
I KNOW! I was thinking that when I saw it too! Of course, I actually have (and was wearing) my E.Spat original scarf. It's red and fluffy and Molly never modeled least I hope not.
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