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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Yes, but Where Exactly ARE You?

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Baseball's Angels have a new name: The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Why, you ask? "We believe that the appeal in the marketplace will be broader," Angels spokesman Tim Mead said. The team hopes to market itself to more of Southern California and attract more advertising sponsors and broadcast revenue.

Of course, the City of Anaheim is suing, saying it violates the terms of the team's lease with the city. You gotta admit the City's Rep has a point: "It's geographically confusing and absurd. No other professional sports franchise that I know of has two different cities in its names."

Doesn't make a bit of difference to the Quandary household. Mr. Quandary is a big fan of the Oakland A's of San Francisco.

Whoa. The A's of SF? Them fightin' words in the bay area. SF has the Giants. The A's are in Oakland. People living in either of the 2 cities wouldn't want to be thought of as living in the other.

Nice blog by the way.
See?! That's my point exactly. LA has the Dodgers. Anaheim has the Angels. They should just leave well enough alone... As far as the marketing angle, I'm not sure that changing the name would do it.

I meant no disrespect! My husband is an East Bay kid and my father-in-law is a total A's nut. He could probably outfit his own little league team with all the free promotional jerseys, hats, and bats he's collected over the years.
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