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Friday, December 16, 2005

My Daily Dose of Whine

Can I just complain for a moment about how unfair it is that TVPNU is already done with finals, and I still have one tomorrow?

They started soooo much later than I did - it feels like this semester is never going to end! E.Spat is already home with her parents. I had another friend, whom I'll just call Sparky, phone me from a bar the other night to brag about being done.

Maybe I'll have the last laugh in mid-May when I'm all done and they've still got a month left. But for right now, I'm bitter.

Thanks. I feel better.

Now off to tab my Labor Law outline. Followed by a tylenol PM and a hot bath.

Sorry - I finished up Thursday night. You all must just be slow.

Note to self: Never pick a master's thesis topic that you are not already intimatly familiar with. The time to learn is NOT while you're doing the darned thing.

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