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Thursday, December 15, 2005

So Check Me Out!

I haven't been doing much timewasting today. Mainly because the kids have been home since early afternoon because the stupid school district cancelled school for what turned out to be rain. This means my Labor Law studying was getting done in 5-10 minute bursts. Between getting dinner on the table, trying to understand Gisselcases, and keeping Lil Q moderately entertained, I didn't *have* any time to waste.

Mr. Q is getting Lil Q to bed, so I allowed myself one game of Sudoku this evening as a break after a solid hour or so of studying.

Congratulations! You solved the Sudoku in 6 minutes, 17 seconds!

Medium puzzles solved: 1
Your average time: 6:17
Your fastest time: 6:17

That's a top 9% score in case you're wondering!

Ok...back to Labor Preemption. Blech.

That's amazing! I have officially given up on the Medium ones, and am waiting until I can do the Easy ones in under 15 minutes. lol. Any tips/tricks/methods would be appreciated.
I showed my dad sudoku yesterday. He beat the easy one in about ten minutes. Today he tried the hardest hard one they had and did it in like fifteen. He played TWICE...and won twice. I can't even finish one because math hurts my brain. I couldn't believe it. He goes "Oh, well I thought it would be fun so I bookmarked it on the computer but now that I finished it I guess I can erase that." GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
Damn, LQ.
sudoku? What's that?

E.Spat. mentioned "math?" What's that?
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