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Monday, April 10, 2006

Back to Good

Did you know that tea WITH LEMON AND HONEY is the ONLY way to treat laryngitis? Well, it is. Or at least that's the impression I was given by many well-intentioned people who, when told of my condition, recommended it to either Mr. Q or EC. (Because I couldn't talk to them, right?)

Furthermore, just plain tea won't do it. Nor will tea with lots of sugar. Tea with honey but no lemon is also not good enough! ONLY HOT TEA WITH BOTH HONEY AND LEMON.

By yesterday afternoon, I did actually start drinking it that way, mainly just to shut people up.

But you know what? After 2 full days of having next to no voice, I'm mostly back to normal. Sometimes I'm still a little squeaky, but at least I'm audible - a vast improvement over Saturday when I had no voice at all. Just in time to be on call for my afternoon class today. Yippee.

I still chalk it up to just riding things out and treating the underlying cause (viral infection), with lots of liquids of unspecified type combined with a good decongestant. Because I am stubborn like that.

I found out today that my Trial Practice partner came down with the same thing. I feel kinda bad because I think I might be responsible for her misery. We met up on Thursday (when I started feeling bad) to brainstorm our approach to our case and divvy up the workload. She came down with it two days later and still doesn't have her voice back. Which means that in our practice trial tomorrow night, I might get to do her direct and two cross exams in ADDITION to my closing.

Maybe I should have told her about the tea with honey and lemon thing....

I have to agree with you. As far as I know that's the only way to deal with a viral infection and it usually works. I've been known to double-dose on the decongestants.

Glad you're feeling better.
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