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Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm Back

We made it home ok, but ended up leaving 2 bottles of eye drops, 2 lip glosses (including one I really loved), and ALL my highlighters at the Frankfurt airport thanks to our little Jihadi friends who apparently have an unlimited hatred of Americans combined with a cursory knowledge of bomb making. I'll concede I should have caught the eye drops on my own (they were in a compartment I neglected to check), but lip gloss??? Highlighters???

Anyway, we're back. EC starts school tomorrow, so we spent nearly all day Saturday doing our back to school shopping. The rest of our time has been taken up unpacking boxes, complaining about the movers, cleaning the house, and complaining about the woman who used to live here.

Ooooh - and doing laundry. When we left Seattle, Mr. Q talked me into leaving our washer and dryer behind. They were still fairly new, but the house we were renting in Virginia already had a washer and dryer and no good place to store others. This turned out to be a mistake, since the W/D in Virginia sucked ass. To make it up to me, Mr. Q bought these. I'm not sure exactly which models we have, but both the washer and dryer are really, really, awesome. I was initially opposed to a front loader washer because my mom has one in Germany and it is SO SLOW. Also, if you forget something, you can't just throw it in later. The newer models seem to have solved this. So yay!

Today will be filled with grocery shopping, box unpacking, and the really important things - like getting children ready for the various activities which will get them out of my hair.

My husband flew on a military flight to Iraq. They were allowed to carry their (unloaded) guns but had to turn over their nail clippers. Figure that one out.
Welcome home!!!!
Yeah. Welcome back.

103 days down...262 to go.

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