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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Feel free to provide the rest of that syllable.

A summary of my Labor Law exam:

A 4 hour exam for a 3 credit class.

22 pages, with 4 separate pages of instruction.

18 multiple choice questions - some with more than full page fact patterns. Worth 54% of our grade.

A 3 page fact pattern for one essay question. Broken into 4 parts. Each of them broken into at least 2 subparts.

A word count limit on the essay. Which had to be 1) provided at the bottom and 2) accurate.

I have no more words.

You win. Or rather, your professor does: Most Sadist Law Professor. Ye gods, how brutal does a person have to be?
Fuuuhhhhh ..... nnnnn??? Right? Fun?
Fun. Yes, that's it exactly.

I was hoping it was "fudge" in a box addressed to E. McPan. :(
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