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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sir, Step AWAY From the Garlic Fries

Mr. Q loves Garlic Fries. I like Garlic Fries too, but I do not like what they do to a person - that person, specifically, being Mr. Q.

Mr. Q's office had a "little" holiday lunchtime get together yesterday at Gordon Biersch. And they have Garlic Fries. I guess I didn't realize that these are more or less a West Coast phenomenon until lunch yesterday - because everyone seemed totally intrigued by them. "Ooooh...these are different. Do you eat them with ketchup?" I know I'd never seen them til attending to my first Oakland A's game, but all the West Coast stadiums I went to seemed to sell them. (Oakland, SF, Seattle, in case you're wondering. I couldn't say if San Diego, or L.A. - either the Dodgers or the Angels, whose name change is, btw, still stupid had them, but I sort of assume they would.) You can even get Garlic Fries at any Kidd Valley in Seattle.

Once again I found myself totally underwhelmed by big-chain-restaurant America. The food was merely ok - definitely not worth $10 for a Cobb salad. Mr. Q and I also split an order of the Southwest Egg Rolls, described as "pulled chicken, black beans, corn, roasted red peppers, and pepperjack cheese." It turned out that there were NO beans in this appetizer, and the texture of the chicken was really odd. I told Mr. Q that it seemed like the chicken had come out of a can - cat food chicken, if you will.

Aside from the mediocre food, the service was abyssmal. I know we stressed them out because they only had one server in our room and the people just kept coming. I guess Mr. Q's office reserved the room for about 20 people, but the number sort of expanded to 34. (Don't look at me - I RSVP'd!) At any rate, this "lunch" turned into 3 1/2 hours of sitting around making small talk because the service was so slow! I would have been more than willing to cut them slack for this if it didn't seem like they were more interested in moving tables around than taking orders. Luckily Mr. Q had a stash of pretzels, which he thoughtfully passed around to keep folks from getting too hangry.

Of course, the bottom line of this story is that because they had Garlic Fries, Mr. Q ordered them. And who is paying for this?

That's right. I am.

i think i had my first garlic fries at an Oakland Raiders game with my ex-schlurg. they were very yummy .... and there's kind of a funny story to go with. he was staring at this girl in front of us, who i will say was very attractive. she had on low slung pants, and her unders were sticking out of her pants, and he was really staring at her butt. and i pointed out to him that he was rather obvious about it. he kind of laughed, and pointed out to me that there was a piece of garlic between her cheeks ... which had fallen off of his fries. hardy har har.

sometimes garlic fries are funny.
They ARE yummy. I just didn't feel like reeking of garlic - especially with a plane trip ahead of me.

I'm sure my fellow passengers would thank me if they knew.
hmmm garlic fries. my goodness. i miss them... even thought i've managed to refrain in my last couple of seasons of visiting ballparks. maybe it's the principle of knowing i'm away from them that i miss. who knows?
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