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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Why?! Why Do I Do This To Myself????

Way back here, I wrote about my troubles in finding a decent hairstylist in TVPNM. I finally found one - right before we found out where we were moving.

Instead of waiting to get to DC, where I'm certain they have plenty of qualified - albeit overpriced - stylists, I elected to get my hair cut in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


We took Lil Q in the other night to get her hair cut because it's been so hot and I wanted to get her bangs trimmed. I never have a problem going someplace inexpensive with the kids because, well, they don't care. And the lady turned out to be AWESOME. So I thought I would schedule an appointment for myself. (Only $25! What a bargain. So cheap that I figured I'd get a facial and have my eyebrows waxed at the same time.)

For some reason, when I made the appointment with "Angela," after specifically asking for her, I thought *SHE* would actually be the one cutting my hair. I walked in, and someone else greeted me. I figured she was just going to do the facial/waxing part. But no...she started washing my hair and I knew I was doomed.

I'm hoping she didn't do any permanent damage, but I know she did not cut it correctly. And the "style" can only be described as "Midwest Crunchy." This more or less means that smearing some truly nasty smelling gel into my hair and halfway blowdrying it was the extent of styling that was done.

A note to stylists in the Midwest - hair should not look simultaneously curly and like it will break if you touch it. This a terrible look - knock it off. Seriously, just stop.



I'm glad I hold off 3 months at a time (my hair grows very slowly) to get that cheap California trim.

Which reminds me, I should get my haircut at least 3 weeks before the Orientation. That way, it would grow a little bit before they take a pix of me for the Facebook.
I had the same thought after I went to Supercuts. After getting my terrible cheap haircut, I called up my husband and wailed, "I got my hair cut at Supercuts!" and he said what I was thinking -- "What? Why? Why would you do that??"
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I propose some sort of a pact. An emergency intervention team if you will. We all exchange phone numbers and if we ever start to think a cheap haircut is a good idea, we agree to call to let someone talk us out of it.

In an ideal world, husbands or significant others should be able to fulfill this role, but we all know they don't really care. Mr. Q didn't even notice my super fantabulous awesome haircut after I spend seventy-some-odd dollars on it. Until the credit card bill showed up, that is.

(Kirby, if you're reading this, I'm sorry to out you like this, but it's true.)
I took my kids to a cheap place a week before their pictures. Whenever I think about cutting the hair budget, I just look at that picture. Never again--even they go to my fantabulous dude.
I actually got a FANTASTIC haircut for $10 at a campus hair salon...
Phone interventions - great idea.

Fort Wayne haircuts could ONLY be bad news. I know Fort Wayne. It is not a mecca for high style. Or even just barely passable style.

My fabulous guy just moved to DC, want his name? :)
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Heck yeah! Thanks in advance!
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