Legal Quandary

Thursday, May 03, 2007

She MARRIED Kevin Banister!

Last week Mr. Q and I attended a social function for his Master's program. We knew pretty much no one - this was very awkward, but is more or less the story of my life.

We eventually struck up a conversation with a girl who it turns out attended one of the same high schools I did. I only went to that school for about 4 months and didn't know her although I was there for part of the same time she was. We did the thing that everyone does and compared the lists of teachers we had and people we knew. Did she know Steve? Mike? Ryan? Nope, nope, and nope. Then as an afterthough, I threw out the name of a guy I had kinda dated. Let's call him TJ.

I always sort of wondered what had happened to TJ. He was super cute, but not all that bright. He was in my Physiology class and was the first person to introduce himself to me. He introduced me to all but one of my other friends. He wound up being my lab partner and we dissected a cat together. I did most of the work (I told you he wasn't that bright), but that was ok, because there's nothing more romantic than being up to your elbows in a formaldehyde steeped dead animal together.

Anyway, it didn't last because I left only a couple of months later. We went out for ice cream once when I returned for Christmas my Freshman year of college. By then, he was dating a girl named Jen. I never met her, but was told she was livid that TJ even talked to me. TJ went off to school somewhere in Alabama, and we eventually lost contact.

The girl we were talking to last week knew NONE of the other people I hung out with at school, but apparently she and TJ got to be GREAT friends soon after I left. To the point that their parents even struck up a friendship and do stuff together to this day.

And TJ? He and Jen got married and are expecting their 5th child later this year. Somehow I think it would be best if I DIDN'T call and say hello.