Legal Quandary

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How To Make A Million Dollars

Develop a secure online program for school websites which allows parents to access their child's information with a username/password. Parents should be able type in information ONCE to fill out the approximately 600 forms that are required to be filled out EVERY YEAR on the first day of school. Allow for digital signatures and for parents to be able to update information (like contact numbers) if it changes at any point during the year. Have the information transfer directly to school district databases - this will allow families who don't move to just update or re-certify their information.

If the schools insist on actual signatures, at least make the forms available for download so parents can just print and sign instead of spending hours filling the stupid forms out by hand. EVERY YEAR.

Of that I think about it - we had something very much like this in law school! If the universities can implement it, why can't a regular school district? You would think a program like this would pay for itself with paper/printing cost savings alone.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Where Do All The Scissors Go?

The kids start school tomorrow, so in true LQ fashion, I was out doing the back-to-school shopping tonight. In my defense, the shopping list depends in part on assigned teachers, and we didn't find that key bit of information out until late.

At any rate, I realized that once again, I have to buy scissors for Lil Q. I've bought scissors for the kids EVERY SINGLE YEAR they've been in school, so I'm really starting to wonder what happens to all the scissors?

I'm not balking at the idea of providing some school supplies for the kids. Crayons? No problem. Pencils? Of course. Kleenex and/or baby wipes? Sure. But are the kids really that rough on scissors? Because I sure as heck never see a pair come back home at the end of the year.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

LQ's Tip Of The Day

If someone honestly believes that Merlot should be served chilled, they probably also don't know much about picking out said Merlot. It's likely to give you a headache.